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Our catalog contains the entire product line of the NORGREN /NORGREN HERION / HERION manufacturer at good prices with door-to-door delivery to any region of United States, including your area: Ashburn. Our managers will help you to select and buy suitable NORGREN /NORGREN HERION / HERION product or spare part, just right after sending an application form. To find out the prices and delivery time, please fill in the feedback form or send your inquiry to  
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Norgren, which is now part of the international concern IMI Precision Engineering, is proud of its long history and continues to bring to the market innovative products of the highest quality.

The history of the company began in 1927 when its founder, mechanical engineer Carl Norgren, created an air conditioning project in his kitchen in Denver, Colorado. He literally created an entire industry of pneumatic and hydraulic systems by developing and designing the world's first lubricator. Since then, the name Norgren has been synonymous with quality air handling.

From that day to the present, Norgren has been at the forefront of air handling, constantly learning the needs and needs of its customers, and its products are recognized around the world for their unrivaled efficiency and reliability.

Today, Norgren has annual turnover in excess of a billion dollars and has offices and manufacturing facilities in 75 countries around the world to ensure customer proximity.

IMI Norgren's wide range of products includes all necessary pneumatic and hydraulic components, from pneumatic cylinders and air treatment products to proportional valves and regulators for high pressure systems.

With over 80 years of experience in the pneumatics and hydraulics industry, IMI Norgren has developed and manufactured many high quality pneumatic and hydraulic products such as actuators, air handling products, pressure switches, fittings and valves.

MI Norgren manufactures the broadest line of ISO pneumatic cylinders as well as modern rodless cylinders.

The Norgren range of control valves includes electrically and pneumatically actuated line and valve islands, manually and mechanically operated valves for compressed air and complex fluid control.Norgren pressure switches have extensive functionality for converting pressure changes into electrical signals. The product range includes pressure switches for pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

Proportional valves include analog and digital models, with open or closed loop, for flow or pressure control.

The video above was taken from NORGREN /NORGREN HERION / HERION official website/Youtube channel.

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