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Hengstler is a renowned European manufacturer of counting and control components for industries such as encoders, industrial controllers, temperature controllers, relays, as well as printers and cutters. It is a German subsidiary of the large corporation Danaher, Washington.

The company was founded in 1846 when watchmaker Johannes Hengstler began mass production of gongs in Swabian in Aldingen, Germany. Over the next decade, the foundation and main development strategy of the company was laid.

In 1995, it became part of the Danaher Corporation, which has offices in 30 countries. Today Hengstler GmbH is a medium-sized company located in the South of Germany in the city of Aldingen, has a branch in Kezmarok, Slovakia, as well as branches in Italy, France, Japan. In addition, the company owns numerous factories and representative offices throughout Europe, Asia and the United States, making it an international company with a global presence.

The brand is widely known for its technical excellence, quality, environmental control, the company has become a market leader in many areas. All manufactured products have a high resolution and protection class up to IP67. In addition, the company provides continuous, high-quality and efficient support, from planning to production and service of finished products. In the sales departments, the client can always receive professional advice and assistance in the selection and ordering.

The company manufactures products that have found wide application in various industries:

  • banking;
  • transportation;
  • oil refining and gas industry;
  • elevator equipment;
  • wind generators;
  • industrial automation.

Integrity and consistency concept

Danaher Corporation is a leading global enterprise that earns excellent recognition worldwide for its fair and honest business with investors, business partners and clients.

Danaher Corporation is committed to standards of excellence in every aspect of our business with the goal of ethical and responsible conduct in all operations, with respect to rights and respect for the environment. The company expects suppliers (as well as subcontractors) that do business with Danaher subsidiaries to share these same responsibilities.

Ensuring these high standards is supported by Hengstler, which relies on its partners to operate in accordance with Danaher's standards and codes of conduct.

Manufacturing methods

Hengstler products are made to order, in other words, the company does not accumulate standard products: they are made according to the customer's individual order received and its specification.

The necessary parts are also manufactured in accordance with the kanban system, according to the Japanese principle, which is able to reduce storage costs to a minimum. The supplier delivers the required quantity of products at the appointed time and at the agreed place, and, in addition, provides its customers with the necessary, verified level of quality of goods.

All of these activities are based on the Danaher Business System, simply referred to as DBS. The system itself is also based on Japanese principles - in essence, it was created by Toyota and developed by the Danaher group. DBS is a management system that strives to improve quality, reliability of supply, a clear cost and profit structure based on the wishes of the customer.

It should be noted that DBS provides effective organizational tools and planning with the aim of engaging company employees in the process of achieving business goals. Hengstler provides intensive and regular training for its employees in all aspects of DBS, and also takes a leading role in training employees from other companies in the Danaher Group.

Environmental policy

For Hengstler GmbH, environmental management of the company is a fundamental precondition for the successful future of the company as a whole.

Compliance with applicable laws and regulations is a responsibility that is paramount in the company's management policy. Hengstler is committed to complying with all environmental laws that apply to production.

The company strives to develop all of its products and manufacture production processes before final disposal in accordance with environmental standards, that is, to use energy as efficiently as possible, to minimize residues, waste, emissions and wastewater that can have a negative impact on the environment, through appropriate technical and organizational measures.

In order to enable employees to work in a clean, environmentally friendly environment, the hazardous substances that are required for work have been minimized and, in addition, all Hengstler employees are trained to handle them safely. It should be noted that employees are able to resolve environmental troubles on their own or notify the responsible manager of the relevant details. Protecting the environment requires all employees to take decisive action.

By defining, implementing and adjusting its goals, the company can ensure a continuous process of improvement in all sectors of the enterprise. The special responsibility of management is related to the dissemination of information, training, motivation and responsible actions on the part of employees. In addition, contractors on site comply with environmental laws to the same extent as Hengstler employees.

The company regularly performs internal audits to monitor the effectiveness of the environmental management system. Where a nonconformity has been identified compared to the desired state, corrective actions are developed and implemented.

Rotary encoders (encoders) and resolvers

Rotary encoders (encoders) Technology and flexibility are the key characteristics of the ICURO and ACURO series rotary encoders. Thanks to the modular design, the user can select the desired program settings from more than two million types of rotary encoders. Hengstler brand ACURO absolute rotary encoders offer innovative technical solutions, ease of use and high quality.

Incremental rotary encoders. This company can supply the right solution for your needs, from the already well-known economical standard types to extremely reliable complex products. Sin / Cos Rotary Encoders. Precise harmonic rotary encoders from Hengstler are the preferred choice for highly dynamic drives. Brushless resolvers are ideal rotor position indicators for position feedback for brushless motors, robots or direct drives. They are stable, reliable and suitable for high temperatures up to 155 ° C, and are resistant to most process fluids, contamination and radiation.


All electronic, electromechanical, mechanical or pneumatic meters, and other devices available, have been designed to meet all your requirements. Hengstler offers a portfolio that ranges from mini counters to sophisticated programmable control counters, multifunction counters, position displays, displays, tachometers and timers.

Summing counters, as a rule, are used to fix the number of events and present the result as a digital numerical value. Pulse counters are counters with controller functions. Numerous versions are available to suit the needs of a wide variety of applications. The type of signal counting will depend on the requirements (electronic, electromechanical, pneumatic or mechanical).

Multifunctional counters. These counters offer a wide range of basic functionality products such as counters, tachometers, timers, etc. Due to this unique functionality and a wide range of programmable parameters, these devices can be easily adapted to meet the needs of individual customer applications. Time counters. Time counters display the duty cycle of installations, machines and equipment. They provide information on warranty expiration times, hours of use and a countdown to the next scheduled maintenance.

Tachometers. Tachometers record events that occur in a specific time sequence. Thus, it is possible to record, for example, delivery speed, rotational speed and other quantities. Non-contact sensors. Proximity sensors are used in technological processes to determine the position of parts and tools. In many proximity sensors, sensors and switching mechanisms are combined into a common unit.


Competence as a result of experience and a wide range of products that grows with customer requirements are inextricably linked in Hengstler relays.

Safety relay. Hengstler has been developing and manufacturing safety relays for decades. A wide range of customers around the world have benefited from this for many years when it comes to the design and manufacture of force-guided relays.

Bistable relays. Hengstler bistable relays are generally developed and optimized in conjunction with customers to provide specific solutions. This creates tailor-made relay solutions that are economical and, in addition, have high performance in energy-efficient drive systems. With over 50 years of experience in high voltage relay manufacturing, Hengstler can provide numerous solutions for a wide range of requirements.

Printers and cutters

High reliability, very easy operation, good paper handling, no maintenance required. These advantages are also a valuable element of Hengstler's complete system solutions. Printers and cutters can be used wherever a high degree of reliability is required.

Thermal printers. Since 1965, the company has been supplying printers and cutters to the market and specializes in built-in direct thermal printers. Thanks to the special, versatile skills and experience in this field, we offer you a specialty printer system from Hengstler. Thermal printers are used in kiosk systems, ticket machines, banking applications (ATM), industry and retail.

Cutters. After printing, it is often necessary to shorten the printouts or receipts. Hengstler brings to your attention a large selection of powerful, ultra-reliable cutters in various cutting widths. These products are maintenance-free and self-sharpening. Hengstler's capabilities and experience have made Hengstler the largest cutter manufacturer in Europe. The Hengstler brand cutters guarantee precise cuts in a wide range of climatic regions.

The video above was taken from Hengstler official website/Youtube channel.

Products of the company

Absolute rotary encoders
Absolute rotary encoders
The Hengstler Acuro series absolute rotary encoders combine innovative engineering technology, ease of use and optimal functionality. The platform concept makes it possible to make the devices as compact as possible and provides ample opportunities for creating internal modular systems. With this comprehensive modular system, it is easy to find the most suitable option for all applications, including motor communication and automation. Equipped with an open BiSS interface, Hengstler's absolute rotary encoders are fully up-to-date and ready for future developments.
Incremental Rotary Encoders
Incremental Rotary Encoders
Hengstler's range of incremental rotary encoders includes both standard budget models and extremely high performance products designed for heavy duty applications. Optical incremental encoders have a linear code disc made of metal, glass or plastic, which is mounted on a rotary bearing and blocks the light beam emitted by the LED. Resolution, i.e. the number of measured points per revolution is determined by the number of lines. The interruption of the light beam is recorded and processed by an electronic receiver, then the information is transmitted as a rectangular signal to the output of the encoder. Hengstler manufactures incremental encoders up to 10,000 pulses per revolution.
Rotary Sin / Cos encoders
Rotary Sin / Cos encoders
Hengstler's precision rotary sine wave encoders are most effective for highly dynamic drive applications due to their low harmonic distortion of sine waves. They have excellent immunity to interference, error compensation and high functional dependency, as well as control and monitoring capabilities of systems. The wide operating temperature range allows the engine power to be used as efficiently as possible. Channel width up to 500 kHz with high signal quality.
Multifunctional counters
Multifunctional counters
Hengstler multifunctional counters are represented by various types of counters, tachometers, timers, offset counters, sectional counters with basic functionality. Combined with a wide range of individually programmable options, these devices can be easily adapted to suit any real customer need and task. There are manual and electronic zeroing of the counter values ​​and various types of mounting (PCB, DIN-rail, surface mounting and front panel mounting), some of which have a built-in display.
Preset counters
Preset counters
The Hengstler preset counters are counters with controller functions. The range includes various models suitable for solving a variety of tasks. The type of meter signal (electronic, electromechanical, pneumatic or mechanical) depends on the requirements. Many preset counter models have two preset programs, one of which has a built-in pre-shutdown function that can be used to gradually reduce speed or change the degree of accuracy. Examples of practical applications include monitoring windings or measuring the consumption of strictly metered components. Monitoring of windings or metering of the consumption of strictly metered components can be carried out.
Summing counters
Summing counters
Hengstler cumulative counters are used to record the number of events and display the result digitally in numerical form. The main characteristics of Hengstler's wide range of totalizing counters, like any other product manufactured by this company, are the use of the most modern technologies, attractive and ergonomic design, high quality and reliability in operation. Such counters can be used, for example, when counting the number of units produced and recording consumption volumes.
Time counters
Time counters
Hengstler time counters display the running hours of plants, machines and devices, providing information on the remaining time until the warranty expires, hours of operation and time until the next scheduled maintenance. The time counters are also available on request in various configurations with a modern, attractive design. Typical applications for Hengstler timers include tracking the time between scheduled maintenance intervals and controlling the addition of ingredients to be mixed.
Isolation relays
Isolation relays
The problem of isolating high switching loads has always been very acute since the invention of the relay. In addition, there are regulatory requirements for current leakage at the insulator surface and safety distances, which makes the solution of such problems subject only to manufacturers with many years of experience in the development and manufacture of relays. Hengstler has this experience and implements it in its isolation relays to ensure the maximum degree of electrical safety for machines and people.
High voltage relays
High voltage relays
With over 50 years of experience in high voltage relay manufacturing, Hengstler offers a variety of relay options and models to suit a wide variety of applications and requirements. The rated voltage of Hengstler relays ranges from ≤12 V to> 230 V. The relays can have 0 or 1 NO contact or 0/1 NO contact and are equipped with reinforced insulation. Depending on the specific model, Hengstler high voltage relays can be operated at ambient temperatures from -25C to + 70C.
Safety relays
Safety relays
For decades, Hengstler has been intensively developing mechanically interlocked or bonded contacts. As a result of the work done, Hengstler safety relays were created. Numerous customers of the company all over the world can now take full advantage of this type of relay, created as a result of years of work, in the development and production of relays with mechanically interlocked contacts. The safety relays are available with standard or reinforced insulation. The rated voltage of Hengstler safety relays ranges from ≤12 V to> 230 V.
Hengstler tachometers are designed to record events that occur over a sequence of time, and are commonly used to record information about product exit rate, rotational speed, throughflow and other quantities. The measurement is carried out at the output or according to the more accurate principle of the period length by means of preliminary programming of the necessary parameters, which allows the system to be adapted to work in different measurements. Hengstler tachometers are often used to display and monitor rotational speed or the actual speed of equipment.
Hengstler brushless resolvers are ideal rotor position indicators and position feedback for brushless motors, robots or direct drives Hengstler resolvers are powerful and reliable, and are also suitable for high operating temperatures (up to 155 ° C) and are robust most types of liquids used in technological processes, various contaminants, many types of radiation and electromagnetic interference. In addition, Hengstler brushless resolvers are highly resistant to shock and vibration.
Proximity switches
Proximity switches
Hengstler proximity switches do not require physical contact and are activated due to the magnetic field or ferromagnetic properties of the object. The device does not require continuous air supply for correct operation. Hengstler proximity switches have a very compact size, which allows them to be used even in the most space-constrained spaces. Like all Hengstler products, proximity switches are of the highest quality and reliability and have a long service life.
Position indicators
Position indicators
Hengstler's line of position indicators are modern in design and include counters, tachometers and timers. Even the smallest models in the series are equipped with an easy-to-read display with two display options (8-digit liquid crystal display or 6-digit LED display). The position indicators operate from an input voltage of 12 to 24 volts DC or from an independent power source in the form of a lithium battery. The counting frequency and triggering slope of the signal can be programmed depending on the specific application. The high voltage versions operate with pulses between 12 and 250 volts dc or ac.
After printing, it is often necessary to cut straight off the printout, receipt or other data carrier. Hengstler offers a wide range of powerful and highly reliable cutters in various cutting widths. Hengstler cutters are maintenance-free and self-sharpening. Thanks to its extensive experience in this field, the company has managed to become the largest manufacturer of cutters in Europe. Hengstler cutters ensure perfect cut and maintain functionality in a wide range of climates from Alaska to the Caribbean.
Thermal Printers
Thermal Printers
Since 1965, Hengstler has been supplying printers and cutters to the world market. Over time, the company's specialization has become built-in thermal direct printers. Thanks to the accumulated experience and technical knowledge in the production of printers, the company produces high quality and functional printing solutions. Hengstler thermal printers are installed in self-service kiosks, ticket machines, ATM machines, and are widely used in various industries and retail. Print widths range from 50 to 216 mm, and paper weights range from 55 to 250 grams per square meter.

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